People and their Caricatures

Happy people and customers with their caricatures

RR Double R Boss Framed Caricature

Dirt Bike King Birthday Caricature

50th Birthay Golf Caricature

Supergran 90th Birthday Caricature

Dragster Champion Caricature

Motorcycle Fan Caricature

Birthday portrait of Neil, a cricket legend, including Vivashni

Real Estate Ace Caricature

Rev Head Birthday Caricature

This page shows a series of photographs of my happy clients and their caricatures. My caricatures are ideal as birthday caricatures,Corporate or business caricatures, Sports caricatures , Friends caricatures, Family caricatures, Group caricatures, team caricatures, Anniversary caricatures, wedding caricatures. My caricatures come in three sizes so will suit any budget. Caricatures come either unframed or I am happy to organise custom framing if you like. The finished caricature looks so good framed up and presented that I would recommend having them framed. I can also organise a printed metal plate which can be placed at the bottom of the picture with your choice of words. Either a personal message or an official message. This adds the 'icing on the cake' of a great looking art piece. 

Framed caricatures. RR Double R Framed caricature was presented to the boss of the company. It started as a two man operation and now employs 60 people. A very successful family business based in Mudgee.
50th Birthday Golf caricature was produced for a legendary golfer who reached the milestone 50. Presenetd by all her friends at the Golf Club.
Dirt bike king. It was his 40th birthday so his family and friends organised a Birthday Caricature for him.
Motorcycle Fan. A BIG Rossi fan and superbike fan I drew him in motorcycle racing fron of a Yamaha superbike...playing his guitar.
Dragtser Champion Caricature. After many years of trying  he finally won a dragster competition and was crowned champion so his team organised a caricature for him.
Real Estate Ace caricature. Organised by his loving daughter to commemorate his retirement.Started off on his own and built a very successful Real estate business  and cattle business in Tamworth . My caricature was a perfect way to show his achievements riding a bull of course.
Caricatures can be framed or unframed. Sometimes its easier for me to organise framing the caricature. For shipping my framer usues acrylic instead of glass for safety, wraps the caricature in bubble wrap the boxes the caricature securely. This is the safest way to ship my caricatures. I have shipped my caricatures all over Australia with no mishap. Of course I am happy to supply you with the caricature unframed and you may organsie yourself. Whatever is easiest. I am based in Sydney and my caricatures have been shipped to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane,Cairns,Townsville,Gosford,Townsite W.A., Canberra, Karratha, Coober Pedy, newcastle. New Zealand,Noosa, Rockhampton...and all arrived safely.
My unframed caricatures are also wrapped securely, with a cover sheet, packed flat between two sheets of MDF board for safety. You may present my caricatures as they are as they look professional with a sheet of tracing paper over the caricature to protect the surface. Then a cover sheet is placed over the whole caricature and then wrapped in paper. The caricature is then placed between two boards fro safety and again wrapped in paper for safety.