My Latest Caricatures

Caricatures are a unique gift for your special person. You can get your caricature drawn showing your favourite person surrounded by all the things they love best

Caricatures are prepared for Sydney, Melbourne and Australia.  All caricatures ordered are produced by an award winning artist Tony Pyrzakowski

These are just a few of my most recent caricatures created for KPMG, SHAPE as well as private commissions.

Birthday portrait of Alex, successful businessman. Owns RITUAL and BACK&FORTH cafes in Castlegrag and Northbridge

Business caricature

UGL Unipart Executive leaving gift

Champion Hockey player and his best mate

Chloe, Rob with their doggie wedding gift.

Jamahl and his faithful dog 'Chucky' caricature

Pete, Bell Helicopter Ace , his Harley and family

Darkie, legendary farrier from Gippsland

David's 21st birthday caricature. Ace triathlete and lifesaver.

David,legendary builder, St. Kilda member, shown with his family behind glass doors he installed.

Family caricature with kids and doggies splashing around

Legendary Dairy man and vigneron birthday caricature

Australian/Polish actress Gosia Dobrowolska's 60th Birthday gift, including the whole family.

John and Alexa, owners of the famous OPA restaurant in Roseville...with their best mates.

Legendary firey from Kalgoorlie was retiring after many years of loyal service

Anthony Kershler,'Kersh' legendary spin bowler. Bowled out Alan Border and Andrew Symonds in one game.

Laura surrounded by her 'Besty' girlfriends caricature

Legendary Police inspector retirement caricature

Family of Hero firefighters from Linden in the Blue Mountains

Retirement portrait for LEND LEASE executive

Mawbs, Ace Audiologist and his Indian bike

Michelle,artist, dancer, musician

60th and 70th birthday caricature of Mum and dad showing them surrounded by the things they love best...and each other.

Big Boss Patrick was leaving IT. This is his 'A' team.

Pete,Flight Sergeant for the RAAF, P3 Orion and Roulettes Ace mechanic.

1972 Champions reunion caricature

Shaun's birthday caricature. Huge Panthers fan, with his dogs and racehorse.

Steve's 70th birthday caricature including his faithful dog

The SCALE team

Tom's birthday caricature with James and the boys

Wedding caricature for stubby holders for all the guests

Nonna's 90th birthday caricature surrounded by all the things that makes her so beautiful

Caricatures drawn for any age

Caricatures are ideal for your special person or for any special occasion.

My caricatures will be treasured by your special person. Ideal as a special gift, caricatures show the person surrounded by all the things they love best or places of interest.

My caricatures are highly detailed with a guaranteed likeness. A unique gift for your special person or special occasion.

Caricature Process

To create a unique caricature, firstly answer a few questions about the person, their likes or anything that will help me to understand the person to create a unique caricature. If you have a special scene you would like to create in their caricature then I am happy to create it.

Otherwise, when I receive all the info for the caricature I will come up with a rough sketch draft for you to see which I will email to you. You may then add things to the caricature sketch or leave it as it is.

Once approved, I will draw up the caricature onto my art board and then add colour and shading to create the caricature. When finished I will again email you the finished caricature for your approval. When all is OK I will send you the unique caricature to you securely wrapped by express post or deliver the caricature to you personally if in Sydney. Post mail for Melbourne and other locations within Australia.

Caricature Framing

I also organize framing of the caricatures if you like. I have used the same professional framer to frame my caricatures for over 10 years, Raymonds framing in Willoughby. He is not only the best but the cheapest. Of course you may organize your own framer for your caricatures.

Caricature Sizes

Our caricatures come in three sizes, small A4 caricature which is similar in size to a sheet of copy paper. Medium caricature, which is similar in size to 2 x sheets of copy paper put together and large A2 caricature which is similar in size to 4 x sheets of copy paper put together. The largest caricature I have produced is A1 which is similar to 8 x sheets of copy paper put together. This birthday caricature had the birthday person front and centre surrounded by 16 family and friends in Fiji, recreating a special, memorable birthday celebration.

I have produced small black and white caricatures, small colour caricatures, single person caricatures, 50 people celebration caricatures.

Any size caricatures to suit any budget!

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